Current Hours for pick up


Euros and Shoulder Mounts.

Deer Friends,

We are excited to tell you all shoulder mounts and Europeans are completed. If you have not received a call prior to the pickup dates listed below….Please call during the pickup dates for direction.


                       May 24, 2 to 7 p.m.         May 25, 8 a.m. until Noon

                                                                                                       June 21, 2 to 7 p.m.        June 22, 8 a.m. until Noon

                                                                                                       July 12, 2 to 7 p.m.         July 13,  8 a.m. until Noon


If you cannot make these dates call and pay for your mount and/or European and you are more than welcome to pick up at your convenience after our season opens October 1, 2024.


·         For the 95% of my awesome customers this will not affect you.

·         For the 5% of you who have been informed: Once your orders are completed we will call you ONE TIME ONLY.  . We can only contact you if the correct info is originally given to us and your equipment (phone) is working and correctly set up.

·         The following ARE NOT acceptable excuses for not picking up or paying late fees on work completed by Smokehouse.

o   Voice Mail not setup correctly

o   Voice Mail full

o   Not answering phone

o   Phone not able to take texts

o   Calling us to see if your deer is done because you have “missed a call”…….During work hours our time is being spent on processing our orders so we will only contact you once and the responsibility remains with you to be available to respond to our notification to you that your order is completed.

We have been at capacity for the last several years and tried to do our best to please our customers and yet we still have to turn away several hundred good customers yearly.  With that being said if you do not agree with our policy changes…..Thank you for previously supporting us but please find another processor who can give you the attention that you are looking for.

People who have not picked up taxidermy from the 2022/2023 seasons will be receiving letters in the near future from our new collection agency because they (the customer) has decided to not pick up their mounts or meat and no longer have the option of using our service.

Please check Facebook for daily updates!!


Deer Friends,

Hope your processed venison finds you happy, healthy, and hungry.

Thank you for letting us turn your deer into table fare.  I believe it is processed by the best group of talented people in the Midwest.  No one does wild game better than our crew – the PRIDE is extraordinary.

Here are a couple of the most common questions we get:

                What are your package sizes?

                                Ground meat: 1lb

                                Brats: 5 links per package – (approx. 1.3lbs)  5lb minimum

                                Summer sausage: 1.5lb (chubs) 6lb minimum

                                Snack Stix: 1.5lb  6lb minimum

                                Jerky: 1/2lb – dried weight (price reflects green weight before drying) 5lb minimum

**All weights are approximate.  We weigh everything to get your desired weight of the products ordered.

Weighing the most expensive items first and finishing off with the ground to give you the most for your money.   

Steaks, Chops and Roasts: Subject to how you cared for your animal; shot placement, old wounds, fat coverage and if you ordered jerky.  Proper field dressing and cooling determine yield as well as the tenderloins wholesomeness.

We do not accept quarters or previously caped deer anymore.  The deer brought in are never up to our standards of cleanliness.

We gladly accept Trimmings:   Trimmings must be in  food grade containers or clear, one gallon zip lock bags for inspection. 

(We do not accept Preground Trimmings)  

Smokehouse Cleaning procedure:

We are unique in that we torch all hair from skinned carcass and wash as well.  We can’t imagine why anyone would settle for any less care, as this is feeding your family.

Processing takes approximately 6-8 weeks, especially after gun season.  Calling does not get your order done any faster. 

Your schedule, stopping by or being in the area to visit your Aunt Gertrude does not get your deer pushed to the front of the line. 

We have provided you with a convenient time to drop off your deer the day you harvested your majestic animal.

Now it is up to you to pick up your processed deer in a timely manner.  Once we have called, texted, or attempted to reach you to pick up your processed deer you have 7 days to pick up till storage charges begin.   No exceptions!!!  We do not have extra storage space for your processed deer. 

When someone tells us we are expensive, I believe them.  They are being truthful.  We are too expensive for them.

We are offering quality, they are looking for value, it is what it is!!

The lines out the door tell us that people care about quality for their families!! 

Sincerely, The Smokehouse Crew


Cash, Check and Credit cards (3.5%fee) accepted

Deer Friends,

No other area processor specializes only in wild game or takes animals to the freezer in a cleaner, wholesome, or more timely fashion than Smokehouse Venison Processing. From the start, we skin, wash and torch all (even the smallest) hairs off the venison.

We cryovac all smoked products for longer and better quality freezer storage.
We have smaller summer sausage rolls that are user friendly.
We take all fat, trauma, and exterior silverer skin off standard cuts and are extremely picky about products on animals that we process for your family!
Your venison is completed from standard cuts to smoked products in the fastest turnaround in the business with 90% of our orders being finished within 30 days.
If you are presently using a different processor be sure and ask if these procedures are included … be sure you are getting the quality and price you deserve and if not, give us a try!