shotgun season hours:

Friday 8am – 5pm,  Saturday & Sunday 8am – 3pm

Drop off info:

Frozen Deer are an additional $10.00. 

If you would like to keep your head and horns please remove before you arrive or there will be a $10.00 charge to remove for you.  

You must go to a check station if you are hunting in a CWD county. 

We will not take your deer unless it has an orange leg tag.  

Always open the deer’s hind legs, regardless of temperature, so the deer will properly cool down.    Best thing is to put a bag of ice between hind legs like a pillow to keep cool and fresh. 

Legs must remain open to keep deer meat from spoiling!

All deer are subject to inspection !!!



Cash, Check and Credit cards (3.5%fee) accepted

Deer Friends,

No other area processor specializes only in wild game or takes animals to the freezer in a cleaner, wholesome, or more timely fashion than Smokehouse Venison Processing. From the start, we skin, wash and torch all (even the smallest) hairs off the venison.

We cryovac all smoked products for longer and better quality freezer storage.
We have smaller summer sausage rolls that are user friendly.
We take all fat, trauma, and exterior silverer skin off standard cuts and are extremely picky about products on animals that we process for your family!
Your venison is completed from standard cuts to smoked products in the fastest turnaround in the business with 90% of our orders being finished within 30 days.
If you are presently using a different processor be sure and ask if these procedures are included … be sure you are getting the quality and price you deserve and if not, give us a try!