European Skulls

We at the smokehouse use dermestid beetles, the long standing preferred method for preparing your trophy skulls. These little beetles remove the flesh from the deepest recesses of the skull without the need for tools, boiling or bleaching. These processes often destroy the integrity of many parts of the skull. This often leads to skull cracking, shrinking, loss of teeth as well as the loss of intricate bones in the hassle cavity. We will update this area frequently on our site as we will constantly be adding pictures of new patterns, skull holders, panels and etc.


Along with our degreasing and whitening process we are sure to make your trophy last for a LIFETIME!
This year we not have CAMO DIPPING available. Creating a unique presentation of your trophy.

  • WHITETAIL European Mounts are $125.
  • Camo Dipping is $100 for each mount.
  • Call for prices on all animals including but not limited to elk, bears, hogs....


About Us

No other area processor specializes only in wild game or takes animals to the freezer in a cleaner, wholesome or more timely fashion than Smokehouse Venison Processing. From the start we skin, wash and torch all (even the smallest) hairs off the venison.

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